Posting a request is very easy. On top of the Loads tab, you'll find some search fields: From, To and Flight number. Either select a departure and arrival airport or enter a flight number. Tap 'Pick dates' to continue.

On the next screen, you can select as many dates as you wish and tap 'Continue'. 

Next, select the flights you want to know the number of available seats for. You can select as many as you wish. Please note that every flight costs 1 credit. Tap the 'Post x requests' button to post your requests.


Finding indirect flights

If no direct flights are found, indirect flights (flights with 1 stop) will automatically be searched for. If direct flights are found but you also wish to include indirect flights, deselect the 'Direct flights only' switch on top of the results. Loading these might take a while.


What happens if my requests do not get answered?

If your request does not get answered, your credit will automatically be refunded after the departure of the flight. There's no need to delete them, as this will not refund your request.

read more about deleting requests