For StaffTraveler to work, we need people who respond to incoming requests. To motivate our users to do so, we give them a credit when they submit the loads. This credit is paid by the member who posted the request. You could see it as a way of thanking someone for the time and effort it took to give you the loads.

The second reason we work with credits is to prevent abuse of the system. Limiting the number of requests that a user can post creates an environment that is good for the users as well as the airlines.

To allow everybody to post requests, we introduced the possibility to buy credits for an affordable price.

Additionally, you can earn credits by sharing tips of your favorite places to visit on your travels on the Tips tab. Another way of earning free credits is by inviting your friends to join StaffTraveler. You can do so on the More tab. You will receive 2 free credits for every friend that joins (after their account is activated).

Credits do not expire.