While inaccurate loads are rare, someone might have made a mistake when entering the loads for one of your requests. If you think that the submitted loads are incorrect, please ask for clarification in the comments first. In 90% of the cases, an honest mistake was made which will most probably be corrected as soon as you make the responder aware of this.


Reporting inaccurate loads

If no satisfactory answer is given within a reasonable time, you can report the inaccurate loads to us. Tap the menu icon (3 dots) at the right side of the flight and tap 'Report inaccurate loads'.

You will be asked a few short questions, which allows us to investigate further and take appropriate action.

After submitting your report, the flight will be re-opened for free. Another member will update it with the correct loads. 


Please note

  • Loads on StaffTraveler are more accurate and up-to-date than the loads on myIDTravel
  • The aircraft type might have changed, causing the loads to be different
  • Loads can change very rapidly, for example when another flight has been canceled