We automatically refund the credit you used for your request in the following cases:

  • When the flight is canceled
    If you have requested flight loads and the flight gets canceled, your credit for the request will be automatically refunded. You will be notified about the cancellation so you can make alternative travel plans.
  • When your request is not answered before the flight’s departure
    Requests that are not answered before the flight departs are refunded automatically. You don't have to manually delete them if they are unanswered, as the system will handle the refund process for you.
  • When an update request hasn’t been answered before the flight’s departure
    Unanswered update requests will be automatically refunded after the flight has departed. This applies to both manual update requests and Auto Updates.
  • When you delete a request that no loads have been submitted for yet
    You’ll get your credit back as long as no one has answered it or is answering it when you delete it. So, if you decide to delete an unanswered request, you won’t lose your credit.