Many requests on StaffTraveler get answered well within a minute. While we are obviously very happy with these short response times, we can imagine that it can be frustrating if you're trying to earn some credits.

When you receive a notification about a new open request for your airline, it takes a while to open the app. In the meanwhile, another member might have started answering the loads. If you work for an airline that has lots of members on StaffTraveler, this might happen more often. 

To prevent the awkward situation of more people responding to the same request at the same time, StaffTraveler has a built-in mechanism to lock a flight. As soon as you open a request for your airline, the flight gets locked for you to answer. If you disconnect or stay idle for 2 minutes, the request is released for someone else to answer. Please note that switching to another app might disconnect the StaffTraveler app from our server.

If you prefer not to receive notifications for new requests for your airline, you can disable them in your Notification settings.