We encourage our users to be creative. A selfie in uniform, a screenshot of access to your company's non-rev system, an email from a corporate account or a copy of your company ID (if allowed by your company) are all accepted.

If you can think of any other way we can verify you, send it to us and we will evaluate it. 

If you choose to send an email from a corporate account, please mention the email address that you used to sign up with so we can find your account.


You can send your proof to us securely by cliking here


Alternatively, send your proof to [email protected]. We will delete your email and its attachments from our servers after activating your account.


What works?

  • A selfie in uniform
  • A picture of your airline ID
  • A screenshot of access to your company's non-rev website/app
  • An email from your corporate account

What doesn't work?

  • A selfie without a distinguishable uniform
  • A picture of your dog
  • A picture of a random airplane
  • A stock photo
  • A picture with nothing but black or white (or any other color)
  • A picture of your library card
  • A picture of your last holiday (or any other holiday for that matter)
  • An Instagram screenshot

Yes, we've seen them all  ;-)


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